The Menu

Click here to open a pdf version of our menu This menu is likely to change as we move through Boris' re-opening sequence!

We take pride in the quality and diversity of the food on offer at Brook House Inn, but as we come out of lockdown we have reduced our menu to simplify procedures in the kitchen and front of house. we will still be making  all our own desserts, bread, cakes, soups, sauces and just about everything else apart from Ice cream which we buy from English Lakes Ice Cream. With our latest menu we have tried very hard to cater to our customers needs, but as our customers range from fell walkers and climbers, business folk and day trippers, through to children and older folk with small appetites, this makes for a hard job! but we hope that most people will find something suitable. Sandwiches. and cakes are served until 5pm

We source quality local produce where we can and use seasonal ingredients where possible. Bewleys butchers of Bootle just down the coast have supplied our Cumberland sausage for over 20 years and we feel it is easily a winner over its competitors!

We source meat locally within Cumbria from Wilsons of Egremont and Caterite who also supply some great haggis from Scotland so watch out for that on the specials menu.

Fish comes from the Northeast and Scotland via a supplier in Kendal. Andy Pratt our milkman delivers most of our fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis and also supplies us with local cheeses and eggs

If you have any special dietary requirements or have any allergies please let us know and we will advise on ingredients used. Some of our home-made bread may contain nuts. Several options are available for gluten free and dairy free diets and we can often modify dishes to suit, given enough warning.





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