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As a student I studied Photographic Technology at Manchester Polytechnic and still remember discussing digital imagery - "that'll never catch on" we all said! My main photographic interest has always been for the wild places, the less people the better! So after leaving Manchester Polytechnic finding a job as a landscape photographer was not possible. For many years I repaired camera equipment for a living, before making a life changing move to run a pub in the Lake District.

I have been priveliged to live in Eskdale since 1998, so it is no suprise that many of the pictures on the site feature views around this wonderful valley and of the fells which tower over it.

As the chef at Brook House Inn I have spent many an evening glancing up at Scafell, watching it turn red in the evening sun, wishing I could get out with the camera, but like everyone in this hectic age, time is always limited.

I have been a keen photographer for over 20 years and have amassed a large collection of images, many bring back happy memories, some are nostalgic, and of a very few I am truly proud.

My photographs are printed by Photobox on quality photographic paper. Delivery is by Photobox, their turn round time is usually very quick. If you place an order please use the online "print options" where you can crop and move the image to best suit the print size chosen. The prints are supplied unframed. For more info and panoramic prints please visit my original site.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you enjoyed your experience.